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Maria de la Sol - Akychi Spells and Talismans

How did witchcraft evolve?

Witchcraft had a natural formation in society because of a war related to my people, the Akychi.

In the past, there were those who believed that magic was a gift from the Gods – especially in Egypt – where they could seek guidance from those bonded to the gift. There were also those whom believed that magic was evil and a curse.

Through one of the most historic and unrecorded times, there were those who hunted the Akychi. Through counter-magic, thirteen people at a time would hunt one Akychi and steal their secret knowledge.

Those who were rescued during these rituals were of less power. Akychi of lesser power did not always give birth to successors bonded to the gift. Those children with no signs of the gift were offered to an honored family in high society. The child had no previous knowledge of their real Akychi bloodline or family.

Occasionally, those decisions to pass down a child to an average household were made prematurely. Several were overlooked that had traces of the gift. These people were compelled to conjuring love spells and other powerful magic without understanding or reason why.

Witchcraft developed through their natural need to express their inner powers. Especially, their witchcraft love spells to date have been known to resolve countless problems. The history of witchcraft started to be spread socially, eventually leading into the witchcraft trials.

Spells and Talisman

The powerful spells and talismans took centuries to develop by Akychi closest to the strength of their gift in creation. These spells were of nature, shadow, white, black and ordenic base. They offered positive life changing energy and the most influential change to society for the better good.

Akychi is the strongest bloodline in magic and spell talent that ever existed. Before there was the word witchcraft, there were Akychi born into different strengths related to the gift.

Some were extremely talented in creation of spells; others found their strength for spells through conjuring them and taking on the most knowledge of a specific type of spells. There was always something within an Akychi that compelled them towards various abilities in spells over others. It could have been spells manipulation of objects, a specific type like nature spells, or a born identity and role within using spells.

I am of this bloodline. My mother Mildred (she is 93 years of age this year) brought me out of Egypt when I was quite a yound girl. She has taught to me all she knows, and I have spent many years advising others in the powers I inherited. And now I am ready to share those powers with you.

Bless you.

p.s. Mildred moved to the Australian outback in 1999 to live with her brother, my Uncle and his family- and she is still the most powerful spell caster alive. Bless her. All Talismans sold by me have been collected and blessed by Mildred. May she live to one hundred and fifty!


Quick Facts
- All spells and curses are customized according to your particular needs.
- Email your situation and your request details after ordering.
- Your spells will be completely customized to your situation.
- Your spells will not interfere with any existing spells or work done by other spell casters or healers.
- Your spells are completely safe and will not backfire or cause any harm.
- All information is confidential.
- Your spells are permanent and will not fade over time.

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OR if you have found a spell which matches your needs, let me know which spell that is - but STILL we need to know your situation in as much detail as possible (photos are a help but not essential) so I can customize the curse or spell for YOU.



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