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NOTE: All Spells and Curses are Customized to Your Particular Situation.

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Bangkok, Thailand Real and Powerful Spells,
Real Spells Cast by Real Witches for You in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand spell casting by real Witches.

Curse your enemy, get revenge – powerful curses that work-
Cast by real witches for you.

Powerful wish, reconciliation, love, money, and protection spells that work –
Cast by real witches for you.

All spells are powerful yet easy, simple because real witches will cast these real spells for you – real powerful and permanent Spells that work


My name is Maria de la Sol. I am of the Akychi bloodline (pronounced AH-KI-CHI). The Akychi developed spells before witchcraft became known. I have been practicing spell casting and travelling the globe instructing male and female witches for 47 of my 68 years.

Just like I will help you, I have been helped many people with their real life problems. I will help you. My special knowledge and my spells and curses are more powerful than any other. Let me guide you.

This is my first website. This year I have retired from my travels and I am focussing on my coven and on spreading the work through this internet.

We are a coven of 13. Each member of my coven (we are called "the Permanent") has been practicing spellcraft from 3 to 62 years. Together, we have a combined experience of 522 years! Most members have been personally trained by me and all have different abilities and specialize in a different area of magick, giving us the ability to spellcraft in a very unique, one of-a-kind extremely powerful way.

Please Note: The spells I offer you are completely customized and guaranteed to work; even if your situation is complex or stubborn. If you have any questions or need assistance of ANY kind, please contact us soon.

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Please order your spells and curses either from the left column of each page.

Please remember, I wish only one thing for you- that these powers will only bring you success and happiness.

Although I have now retired from travelling and "hands on" consulting to Covens world wide, I have travelled to Bangkok, Thailand 7 times over the years and I have loved every moment of my special times in your City and your Country.

love and peace,

M de la Sol

Quick Facts
- All spells and curses are customized according to your particular needs.
- Email your situation and your request details after ordering.
- Your spells will be completely customized to your situation.
- Your spells will not interfere with any existing spells or work done by other spell casters or healers.
- Your spells are completely safe and will not backfire or cause any harm.
- All information is confidential.
- Your spells are permanent and will not fade over time.

Deciding which Spell or Curse to order:

Either before or after placing your Order, please EMAIL me your situation details and I will craft the exact spell that meets your needs.

OR if you have found a spell which matches your needs, let me know which spell that is - but STILL we need to know your situation in as much detail as possible (photos are a help but not essential) so I can customize the curse or spell for YOU.



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